Proudly South African climbing podcast launches

There are many great climbing podcasts available to climbers – recording history, sharing news, and addressing topical issues. They are an important aspect of the climbing community and its development, but there were none from South Africa. Until now.

Welcome to our podcast; we have no idea what we’re doing

I can’t tell you where this podcast is going. I can’t pretend we know what we’re getting ourselves into. I don’t even really know the point at which I became involved. But I do know that, at the very least, we will satisfy our own curiosity.

Rediscover Waterval Boven on 9&10 October

If you’re a climber from in-land South Africa, you’ve probably been on multiple Boven weekends. It never gets old… but now there’s an opportunity for

Boven Open Weekend FAQs

Thanks for registering for Boven Open Weekend. Here are some helpful details to ensure you have a rocking time!  Where is the event? The main