Rediscover Waterval Boven on 9&10 October

If you’re a climber from in-land South Africa, you’ve probably been on multiple Boven weekends. It never gets old… but now there’s an opportunity for you to discover something NEW in Boven town!

Boven Open Weekend aims to show off what the town of Waterval Boven has to offer, build relationships with locals, and show you a good time! Hosted by the MCSA and the Boven Reboot Initiative, this fun-filled weekend will show you a side of Boven you’ve never seen before.

What’s the plan? On Saturday, join the MCSA, Wits Mountain Club, and the Emgwenya Climbing Team for a day of climbing at the Ebony and Ivory Towers crag. This “MCSA meet with a twist” will feature a local Boven Market at the foot of the crag selling food, drinks, and more. On Sunday, hike a newly cut route passing four majestic waterfalls over 8.5 km. To top it off, you’ll end with a bridge swing rigged by the Emgwenya Climbing Club.

Why? You’ve been to Boven many times, but perhaps you’ve avoided the crags closer to town for fear that it is unsafe to climb near the local town and surrounding township. Many people don’t know that Boven is a town boasting a rich history, a range of local businesses, and its very own climbing club – the Emgwenya Climbing Team. The MCSA has sponsored this team with the very best climbing gear in hopes to empower the Boven locals to reach new heights. But what this town really needs is a chance to change perceptions and showcase all it has to offer.

This is an opportunity to explore new routes and local gems. See you there! 

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