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Don’t forget your helmet!

Don’t forget your helmet!

Introducing the Send Space, SA's first climbing podcast

Wondering how this show came to be? What drove us to create the Send Space? Our first guest, Chris Cosser, was curious too! Listen to this quick snippet (from our first interview ever) to get an idea of what the Send Space is all about! Our host, Mienke Richter, explains her vision to Africa’s first male Olympic climber, and to you. Head over to our "About us" page for more information on our vision for this brand.

The Olympic Picture Part 1, with Chris Cosser

Host Mienke Richter chats to Chris Cosser, South Africa’s first male Olympic climber, ahead of Tokyo 2021. We get to know him, he gets to know us, and we discuss some epic issues facing the climbing community as the sport inevitably grows and changes. Chris was the ideal first guest, and was almost more of a co-host which really sets the scene for this show, since we aim to inspire debate, discussion and collaboration in our community.

The Olympic Picture Part 2, with Erin and James

We Zoom with our local female Olympian and her coach to gain some insight into what it’s like to be 17 and preparing to represent SA in the first climbing Olympics. In true Mienke style, there are some detours in the conversation along the way as we dig into some pressing issues of the climbing community. We cover a lot, so head on over to our blog if you want some more insights about the people, places and brands mentioned.

Risk is a part of life, with Allister Fenton

Allister reveals his rather unconventional and passionate entry into the climbing world, and then deep-dives into issues of safety and ethics when it comes to trad and free solo. As a child, he made his own harness. As an adult, he has free soloed multiple times. Get to know Allister and see if you agree that he remains a safety-conscious and highly-respected part of the South African climbing scene.

The Olympic Picture Part 3, Chris Cosser gets real

Enjoy the second half of Mienke’s interview with our male Olympian, Chris Cosser. We dig deep into a range of topics from diversity in climbing, the Olympic ego, his training schedule and his mental health leading up to Tokyo2020. For an update on Chris since this interview took place, and further info on the Olympics, visit https://goodbeta.co.za/olympics-here-we-come/.

Women are not just small men, with Jenni Commins

Welcome to our Women's Month episode featuring Jenni Commins – local climber and so much more! We talk about the nuances of being a female climber, from motherhood, to body image, to menstrual cycles. Get ready for some epic personal insights from Mienke, as well as some EXCITING announcements about the Send Space.

Making an impact, with Friends & Allies

We sit down with the names and faces behind Jozi’s latest climbing gym – Friends and Allies. Featuring not one but FOUR guests, we dig deep into the business of climbing and the creative processes involved in forming this unique space which may be small, but packs big ambitions.