Don’t forget your helmet!

Don’t forget your helmet!

About us

We are here for you

The Send Space was an idea conceived out of curiosity, passion, and advocacy. When we realised that rock climbing is rapidly growing and evolving in South Africa, we set out to create a platform where our climbing community could tell their stories, record history, have their voices heard, and be part of the development of the climbing community. 

We are unique

While there are many climbing podcasts out there, we are the first (to our knowledge) to come from South Africa – possibly even Africa. We love Climbing Gold, Lady Beta, the Nugget, and the Enormocast, but we don’t hear your voices when we listen to those episodes.

We don’t know it all

In relative terms, this podcast was founded by a bunch of gumbies. We are not here to tell you what’s going on in your community. We are just like you – we are eager to find out! Please get in touch to suggest topics, guests, co-hosts, or just to share some news!

The faces behind the scenes

Mienke Richter

I am almost 30 and feel like a spring chicken. I started climbing in June 2020 at the age of 28 and became empowered in my body and mind. Climbing makes me feel the immortality of teenage years but the fear of someone who knows better.

Everyday I learn more about climbing and the community. I hope for that to be true until the end; that there will always be more to discover. But mostly, I’m just excited to be part of this world.

Other day job: Advocate
Current send shoes: Mad Rock, Weaver
Current project: Jenga (18), Boven

Aimee Clarke

I started climbing in 2017 and was psyched to be welcomed by an enthusiastic community who helped me entirely change the way I thought of myself, “exercise”, and the outdoors.

Today, I am passionate about encouraging others on their climbing-fuelled journey of self-discovery. I love clichés, I hate mixing pink and red, and you will almost always hear me before you see me.

Other day job: Director of Wordsmiths SA
Current send shoes: La Sportiva, Tarantula
Current project: Toolbox (21), Boven

Matt Chapman

I’ve been climbing since 2016 and haven’t turned back. I have become more in tune with my body and have been introduced to other practices like Yoga and Pilates which have strengthened my mind-body connection. I am an advocate for the planet, reducing my footprint, and have set out to become super strong on a plant based diet. Mental health and community are important to me, and I love supporting others by providing healthy release and coping skills through climbing. I also just love being outdoors with friends!

Other day jobs: DJ/Producer as Format and Treepian. Music Curator and General Manager for the Living Room. Sound Designer at Good Vibes Cartel Studio. Climbing Coach at Inside Edge.
Current send shoes: La Sportiva, Katana
Current project: Finding climbers who climb during the week (Weekend Worker)